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Our Distribution Network and Personnel

AGRO International has its main headquarters in Voluntari,
83 Pipera-Tunari Road, Ilfov County

The value developed by AGRO International - customer focusing, continuous services improvement, team work and results - complement every aspect of human resources management.
Therefore we built up a team of professionals in plant protection and seed production which is working for you. Our skilled personnel can assist you in satisfying the demand in your market for quality consumer products at very competitive prices.

Board of directors:

    General Manager:       Viorel BRATU, dipl. ec.
    Technical Manager:    Ecaterina PAUN, dipl. eng.
    Economic Manager:   Ana Maria Liliana PATRAS, dipl. ec.
    Sales Manager:           Mariana GRIGORE, dipl. ec.
    Logistics Manager:     Ioan PASTOR, ing. PhD.

Our company has 8 subsidiaries all over the country, each of them disposing of an office, a warehouse, transport means, qualified personnel and an official delegate for each region:

Regional Representation Banat-Crisana
Address: Timisoara, str. Piatra Craiului, nr. 3, sc. G, ap. 6, jud. Timis, zip cod 300006, Tel/Fax: +4 (0256)492.303
Director: Dr. Ing. Ilie GHERAN, mobil: 0744.312.131
The regional representation for: Bihor, Arad, Timis, Caras Severin, Hunedoara

Regional Representation Brasov
Address: Brasov-Stupini, str. Fantanii nr. 1, jud. Brasov, zip cod 500482,
Tel/Fax: +4 (0268)475.141; e-mail:
Director: Dr. Gheorghe CIOFLANC, mobil: 0744.608.759
The regional representation for: Alba, Sibiu, Brasov, Covasna, Harghita

Regional Representation Calarasi
Address: Prelungirea Bucuresti nr. 15, bl. D6, sc. 2, et. 1, ap. 3, zip cod 910079, Tel/Fax: +4 (0242)325.919
Director: Ing. Mihai MARINESCU, mobil: 0740.305.903
The regional representation for: Calarasi

Regional Representation Constanta
Address: Constanta, str. Olteniei nr. 33, Jud. Constanta, zip cod 900702
Tel/Fax: +4 (0241)638.052; e-mail:
Director: Ing. Mihalache GHEORGHIU, mobil: 0744.308.080
The regional representation for: Constanta, Tulcea, Galati

Regional Representation Ialomita
Address: B-dul Matei Basarab, bl. X, sc. A, parter, ap. 3, zip cod 920120
Tel/Fax: +4 (0243)231.532
Director: Ing. Florin Negoita, mobil: 0740.305.883
The regional representation for: Ialomita, Buzau

Regional Representation Ramnicu Valcea
Address: Rm. Valcea, Aleea Olanesti nr. 4, bl. 6, sc. B, ap. 1, Jud. Valcea, zip cod 240122, Tel/Fax: +4 (0250)736.576
Director: Ing. Petronel BADULESCU, mobil: 0744.595.158
The regional representation for: Valcea, Arges, Olt, Dambovita

Regional Representation Tg. Mures
Address: Tg. Mures, str. Aurel Filimon nr. 15, Jud. Mures, zip cod 540035
Tel/Fax: +4 (0365)401.021; e-mail:
Director: Dr. Ing. Ioan PASTOR, mobil: 0744.605.060
The regional representation for: Satu Mare, Maramures, Salaj, Cluj, Bistrita Nasaud, Mures

Regional Representation Vrancea
Address: Focsani, Str. Prof. Gh. Longinescu nr. 44, bl. 44, parter, Jud. Vrancea, zip cod 620107, Tel/Fax: +4 (0237)226.664
Director: Ec. Danut VICOL, mobil: 0722 344 538
The regional representation for: Iasi, Vaslui, Bacau, Vrancea, Braila

Our main warehouse, with a full capacity of 2000 tons, is located in Targu Mures. A large network of regional warehouses covers the whole territory: Constanta, Focsani, Timisoara, Brasov and Manastirea (Calarasi county). We can provide safe and fast transportation with our fleet of large and medium capacity trucks and vans.