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Goverment of Romania (
Ministry of Agriculture, Alimentation and Forests (
States Domanins Agency (

Asociatii Amelioratorilor, Comerciantilor si a Producatorilor de Samanta si Material Saditor din Romania (
Asociatia Patronale a Angrosistilor de Cereale
Asociatia Nationala de Morarit si Panificatie (

Academy of Agricultural and Forest Sciences
Research Institute for Plant Protection (
Central Laboratory for Phytosanitary Quarantine (
Research Institute for Cereals and Technical Plants (
Research and Production Institute for Pomiculture (
Research Institute for Viticulture and Winemaking (
Research Institute for Vegetable Growing and Floriculture (
Potato Research and Production Institute (
Institute of Chemical Research

University of Agricultural Sciences (

Expozitia INDAGRA (

Regia Nationala a Padurilor Romsilva

Ghidul fermierului (
Fermierul Agricultorul Roman
Profitul Agricol (